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AC DC Premium

AC DC Premium Manufacture: Stern Year: 2014 Price: $Call

Sorry but we are sold out but still offer this game for daily rentals.
This machine looks beautiful and packs a powerful punch of enhancements. In addition to the stunning red accented legs, side rails and lockdown bar this premium game features the following
12 powered sub woofer, enhanced speakers and beefed up amp!
UNDERWORLD lower Mini Playfield with 2 flippers, 3 targets, and a left and right loop shot
Hells Bells swinging Newton Ball Pendulum with score sensor. Hidden magnets under the playfield can start the bell swinging remotely!
5 Bank AC DC drop targets on left side of playfield
3 Bank TNT drop targets in center with hidden target behind that causes the detonator to go down and fire!
Crossover ball track with divertor that allows the ball from the left ramp to be loaded in the cannon on the right ramp.
Animated band members rock back and forth and play their instruments to the music!
Unique backglass translight
Highway to Hell Animated LED Flames Tunnel
3D Rock and Roll train with LEDs in headlight and horns
Back in Black Super Bright LED Strobe Lights

Check out the difference when they are compared side by side


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